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Mixtape: Playboy Tre (@playboytre) “Liquor Store Mascot 2 (Patron & Instrumentals)”

01. Playboy Tre – Graduated (Feat. Homebwoi) [Produced by K- Trak For Life Withiut Music] (3:39)
02. Playboy Tre – Still Standing [Produced by Homebwoi For Fi Flames Productions] (3:00)
03. Playboy Tre – 5th of Drank [Produced by Jamieson Jones] (3:24)
04. Playboy Tre – We All In [Produced by Honorable C-Note] (4:24)
05. Playboy Tre – Rich Bitch (Feat. Homebwoi) [Produced by Young Shawn] (3:08)
06. Playboy Tre – The Long Way (Feat. Young Capone & Willie Joe) [Produced by DJ Burn One] (4:03)
07. Playboy Tre – Patron & Instrumentals [Produced by Black Metaphor] (4:33)
08. Playboy Tre – Reach The Sky [Produced by Black Metaphor] (2:36)
09. Playboy Tre – Lady Liquor [Produced by Phantom/JupiterMusicGroup] (4:14)
10. Playboy Tre – Drankin’ Flow (Feat. Rittz) [Produced by Jamieson Jones] (4:11)
11. Playboy Tre – Shot of Rum (Feat. P. Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi & Bohagon) [Produced by Black Metaphor] (5:00)
12. Playboy Tre – On A Roll (Feat. B.o.B) [Produced by Ricky Racks] (4:15)
13. Playboy Tre – Care After Me [Produced by Homebwoi For Fi Flames Productions] (4:05)
14. Playboy Tre – Somethin 2 Say (Big Rec, Playboy Tre, Tom P) (Bonus) (5:47)
15. Playboy Tre – Epic (B.o.B, Playboy Tre, Meek Mill) (Bonus) (3:44)


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